Blender 3.5 New Features

Blender 3.5 Beta Is Finally Here :

The long-awaited Blender 3.5 Beta is finally here! This new version has a lot of exciting features and tools, such as a new viewport, new sculpting and painting tools, and improved animation tools. The new UI is much improved, making it easier to navigate and find the tools you need.

Overall, Blender 3.5 Beta promises to be a huge step forward in terms of usability and productivity. With so many great tools, this software is sure to be a favorite with 3D artists and animators everywhere.

Download Blender 3.5 :

blender 3.5 is pre-ready for prime time as it’s officially available for everyone to download with bug fixing and feature troubleshooting for those who like to try this you can simply go over to and hit
the download button scrolls all the way down and goes over to where you get to download blender 3.5.

Download Blender 3.5
Download Blender 3.5

Blender 3.5 Beta New Features :

blender 3.5 is currently in beta across all platforms which include Windows, Mac, and Linux you’d also notice that a very early version of blender 3.6 is currently in Alpha which means that there is literally no feature currently available for this, except the nodes and physics which has only one tiny feature.

Animation And Rigging Features :

For animation and rigging the only thing that you can do now is to convert pose to pose assets, in terms of the asset browser and pose Library some pose library functionalities in the asset browser have been moved to a new menu.

Animation And Rigging Blender 3.5 Features
Animation And Rigging Blender 3.5 Features

New Assets And Hair Node :

Blender 3.5 have a set of hair categories that exist as deformation generation and depending on the kind of hair that you’re trying to create you will definitely find something quite useful now.

Blender 3.5 Hair Node
Blender 3.5 Hair Node

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