Best Addons for Blender In 2023

There are some blender addons that 3d artists need to have in 2023. One of the most popular is the new rigging addon, which allows you to quickly and easily set up character rigs, making it easier to create animation in blender 3.4.

BEST Blender Addons In 2023! FREE and Paid

Other recommended addons include humgen3d, a new sculpting tool, a powerful UV editor, and botaniq trees. These addons, and more, will allow users to take full advantage of Blender powerful features and create stunning 3D art workflow.

Blender Addons?

What is a Blender addon :

• Addons can be used to add additional features and tools to Blender, such as new modeling tools, animation tools, rendering options, etc.
• Addons can be used to customize the user blender interface, allowing users to create their own custom look for their Blender workspace.
• Addons can be used to create new types of scenes, such as procedural scenes or particle systems.
• Addons can be used to create new types of materials and textures.
• Addons can be used to import and export different types of data from Blender, such as 3D models, animation data, images, etc.

A Blender add-on can add some tools to Blender software. it comes with many features. Add-ons allow you to do 3d work fast and more efficiently.

Blender is open source software open to the public. There are free and paid add-ons for Blender. Users choose the add-ons they think they need, download and use them. There are also add-ons that are pre-installed in Blender and can be used by activating them.

How to install add-ons in Blender :

In order to install Blender addon, you must first get the add-on. Access the site that distributes or sells Blender addons for free as an example: blender market, then download the add-ons.

After that, launch Blender and select “Preferences” from the “Edit” tab. When the “Preferences” window pops up, select the “Add-ons” tab and click “install” to install the downloaded add-on.

Once installed, click the add-on’s checkbox to enable it and the add-on will be ready for use. If you want to install an add-on that is pre-installed in Blender, activate it in the “Preferences” window. And how to use it after installation is different for each addon.

how to install blender addons

10 recommended Blender add-ons :

Pure-Sky Pro Blender Addons :

When creating a natural environment in Blender, you have to create things like the sky and the sun. The recommended add-on for such cases is “Pure-Sky“. You can easily express the sky, sun, and clouds.

You can also adjust the position of the sun to express the time of day, such as daytime or sunset. Furthermore, you can reproduce the lens flare that occurs when you shoot the sun with a camera, allowing you to create a more realistic natural environment in blender 3.5.

Extreme Pbr Nexus :

In Blender, you can use materials to give the surface of your 3d model some texture. “Extreme PBR” is an addon that allows you to obtain the material of that material. Although it is a paid addon, thousands of materials such as rocks and water are available.

Therefore, it is very popular with many users. If you need materials, it would be a good idea to introduce “Extreme PBR” for the time being. It is not impossible to cover all materials with “Extreme PBR” alone.

HDRi Maker :

In Blender, you often need a background for your model. “HDRi Maker” is an add-on that allows you to easily prepare such backgrounds. You can create a 360-degree background around your model by simply selecting an image as a material.

The shadow of the model is automatically reflected, and it is also possible to adjust the intensity of sunlight and exposure. In addition, since the library is prepared in advance, it can be used immediately after installation.

More recommended Blender addons in 2023 :

Physical Starlight And Atmosphere Addon

Instant Clean – The Ultimate Mesh Clean

Curvify :

Curvify blender addons


Random Flow :

Random Flow


conform object

fluent materialize

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